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27 Feb Lace Frontals & Closures: All You Need To Know
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Lace Frontals & Closures: All You Need To Know (The Pros & Cons)Lace frontals are the recent rave. This is because of their versatility and the flawle..
01 Oct How To Start Hair Extension Business In Nigeria
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How To Start Hair Extension Business In Nigeria   Do you have passion for fashion? Why not consider trading in the beauty industry? The demand for h..
28 Feb How To Choose Human Hair Extension
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Dear customer; Thanks very much to visiting us and have a nice day!  We are strongly recommend you to take a cup of coffee time to read the followi..
20 Feb Distributor Partnership
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Start Your Financial Freedom with! DO YOU... Own a retail store that carries beauty-related products? Want to provide a quality se..
10 Feb Hair Salon Partnership
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Custmers... Do you love Quality Human Hair? Does your stylist love Quality Human  Hair? Do you know of a great talented stylist that might bene..
09 Jan How To Make a Crochet Braid Wig
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How To Make a Crochet Braid Wig If you're feeling like the crochet braid look, but you don’t have hair that’s long enough to cornrow then the cr..
21 Nov How to Check Hair Extension Quality
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To make sure that you get your dream set, we’ve collated a few tips on how to check hair extension quality- a must read if you’re planning on making a..
10 Sep How To Make A Wig
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Making a wig for everyday use can be a difficult, time-consuming task, so it usually gets left up to the professionals. If you're interested in trying..
23 Apr How to Comb Curly Hair
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  Method 1 Afro-Textured or Tightly Curled Hair Find a wide-toothed comb. The bigger the gap, the better it teases out the curls. Choose a ..
23 Apr How to Condition and Brush Your Curly Hair
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Steps If your hair is dry, coarse, or very curly, do not use shampoo! Yes it sounds weird and unsanitary. But shampoo's purpose is to clean o..
23 Apr How To Dye Hair
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How To Dye Hair   Key Points   Get set up. Drape a towel around your shoulders. Put on a pair of disposable gloves. Mix the dye according to..
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